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These photos were donated to the Society by John Zender, Jr..

RPWRHS photo Z001-0101 shows the Zender family. No date or location information is given.

RPWRHS Photo: Z001-0102 shows Adam Zender & Helen Zender nee Reinberg at their wedding, circa 1890.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0103 shows the John Zender family--Three adults and three children. None are identified although it's safe to say the adult man is John Zender.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0104 shows Lambert Zender sitting on his porch at 6757 N. Ridge Boulevard.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0106 shows baby David Edward Windler sitting on the sidewalk somewhere on Ridge Boulevard in April 1952.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0202A shows Adam Zender.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0202B is a caption for a photo of John Zender.

RPWRHS photo Z001-0301 shows the Zender family house at 6638 N. Ridge Boulevard. No date given.