Woolston, Wesley John

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Wesley John Woolston, M.D., surgeon;

born at: Geneva, Illinois, on April 1, 1883;

son of: Joseph L. Woolston and Isabelle Woolston, nee: Isabelle Newton

education: preparatory education Chicago Manual Training School; Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1905; post-grad, work, at Vienna;

married: Edna Woolston, nee: Edna Chapell, of Chicago, on June 28, 1911;

daughter, Jane Woolston.

Practiced at Chicago since 1905;

intern, West Side Hospital, 1905-7;

externe St. Mary's Hospital, 2233 W. Division Street

now (1917) assistant gynecologist at the University of Illinois College of Medicine;

assistant gynecologist at the Chicago Policlinic Hospital;

pension examiner, City of Chicago;

examiner for Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.

Member: American Medical Association, Illinois State Medical Society, Chicago Medical Society, Mississippi Valley Medical Association, Medical Society of Vienna.

Office: 25 E. Washington St.

Home: 1514 W. Pratt Boulevard, Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917.