Magill, William S.

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William S. Magill, Chicago manager of Hercules Powder Company;

born in: Frankfort, Kentucky, on Sunday, September 12, 1880;

son of: James S. Magill and Mattie B. Magill, nee: Mattie B. Johnson

education: public schools;

married: Marie E. Magill, nee: Marie E. Cauthorne, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, April 9, 1912.

Identified with powder business since 1900;

manager at Chicago of Hercules Powder Company of Wilmington, Delaware, since Wednesday, January 1, 1913.


Mason (32nd Degree), Shriner.

Recreations: trap shooting, motoring.

Office: 332 S. Michigan Boulevard, Chicago office of the Hercules Powder Company

Home: 1341 W. Granville Avenue

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917.