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West Ridge Chamber of Commerce Soundex Code C516

The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce (WRCC) 2540 W. Devon Avenue is a not-for-profit organization for businesses and organizations who seek through their united efforts to improve the business community in the West Ridge Neighborhood, attract new businesses and shoppers and improve the appearance of the neighborhood. We are a 501(c)6 agency that is funded in part by the City of Chicago's Department of Planning and Development.

The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce also works as a collective voice for the neighborhood and business community on legislation relating to the area in Washington DC and our state capitol.

Membership dues and funding from the City helps the WRCC accomplish these goals:

• Development and distribution of newsletters, brochures and other marketing and promotional materials about the community

• Development of sales promotions and holiday celebrations to attract additional shoppers to the area

• Providing local businesses with the opportunity to network and attend presentations on topics of interest

• Working with merchants on cooperative advertising programs

• Helping business owners take advantage of City programs such as Graffiti Blasters, Business Express, Facade Rebate and Minority Certification

• Partnering with other local community groups on projects that benefit the area

• Provide technical assistance to area businesses

• Promoting area economic development

Devon Avenue SSA #43 is administered by: the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce

WRCC can be contacted at:



Listed in: Rogers Park 2016, page 31.


Executive Director

Amie Zander, until 2014.