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Between 1871 and 1900, the predominant residential building style in Chicago was "Victorian architecture."

Source: The Chicago Bungalow, Chicago Architecture Foundation, 2001, page 11.

Glenwood Avenue

6600 Block

6626 N. Glenwood Avenue

Lunt Avenue

1800 Block

1822 W. Lunt Avenue

1826 W. Lunt Avenue

1900 Block

1902 W. Lunt Avenue

1928 W. Lunt Avenue

Morse Avenue

1900 Block

1905 W. Morse Avenue

1911 W. Morse Avenue

Newgard Avenue

6700 Block

6701 N. Newgard Avenue

6718 N. Newgard Avenue

6738 N. Newgard Avenue

Ridge Boulevard

7200 Block

7230 N. Ridge Boulevard