Twentieth Church of Christ Scientist

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Twentieth Church of Christ Scientist, 6320 N. Sacramento Avenue.

This is one of two such churches in West Ridge. The other is the Sixteenth Church of Christ Scientist located at 7036 N. Ridge Boulevard.

The Twentieth Church of Christ Scientist donated the T024 series of photos to the Society.


RPWRHS photo T024-0101 shows 1948 building site.

RPWRHS photo T024-0102 shows workmen building walls, 1948.

RPWRHS photo T024-0103 shows the foundation, 1948.

RPWRHS photo T024-0104 shows the steel framework, 1948.

RPWRHS photo T024-0105 shows walls, 1948.

RPWRHS photo T024-0106 shows walls and roof, 1948.

RPWRHS photo T024-0107 shows the interior, 1948.