Truck Company 25

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A Truck Company is a group of firefighters assigned to an apparatus that carries ladders, forcible entry tools, possibly extrication tools and salvage covers, and who are otherwise equipped to perform rescue, ventilation, overhaul, and other specific functions at fires; also called "Ladder Company".

Truck Company 25 began in Rogers Park Village Hall on July 31, 1893.

Truck Company 25 began at its old quarters at 1545 W. Rosemont Avenue. From 1915-2009 it was assigned to Engine Company 102's firehouse located at 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue.

Since Saturday, January 10th 2009, Truck Company 25 and Engine Company 102 have been assigned to a new fire station at 7340 N. Clark Street.

Truck Company 25 under the command of Lieutenant Healy (1894).


RPWRHS photo S097-09A shows Rogers Park Truck Company 25 and Engine Company 70 from 1545 West Rosemont Avenue. They have responded to a fire at Kaymar's Coffee Shop on Morse Avenue at Glenwood Avenue on August 8, 1977.