Thome Avenue

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Thome Avenue Soundex Code T500

6300 N., from 1400 W. to 4426 W. This street is in West Ridge - ONLY

The City Council passed a lengthy ordinance January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. Thome addresses did not extend west enough to enter West Ridge. Therefore, no Thome addresses require conversion.

This street is NOT listed in the 1895, 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902 Chicago Blue Book.

G.H. Thome was a real estate subdivider in the Edgewater area.


900 Block

948 Thome Avenue, Mr. & Mrs. M. Thome, 1904.

1900 Block

1925 W. Thome Avenue was Chicago Town & Tennis Club (CTTC). Later Elks, And later still, the Rogers Park Unity Church. No dates given.