The Manor House

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The Manor House is at the southeast corner of Bryn Mawr Avenue and Kenmore Avenue. The apartments of The Manor House have been cut up from their original configuration to provide additional units.

Nonetheless, The Manor House stands today as a wonderful example of Pridmore's craft. One cannot walk past it without realizing instinctively that there is something special about it, something which one has seen nowhere else in Chicago. Of particular significance is the way the building is positioned on the site to maximize light and air entering the apartments.

The Manor House originally housed only six apartment homes - two to a floor. It probably was the grandest 6-flat ever built in Chicago. Because the building reflects its English Tudor heritage and because the crest above the courtyard is that of England, it has been rumored for years that it was the home of the British consulate. This rumor, however, has never been confirmed.

The Manor House was featured in a 1920s promotional brochure. "Apartments of the Better Class" by real estate brokers Partridge and Bradley.

J.E.O. Pridmore was an architect of considerable ability and originality, whose work has not received anywhere near the recognition it deserves.