The Gables

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The Gables, at the southeast corner of Kenmore and Hollywood was demolished and replaced by a nondescript 4+1 building.

The Gables contained nine apartments in three separate but connected buildings, ranging from 10 to 14 rooms each. A 1912 description gives an idea of its splendor:

Some of the apartments will contain a private ballroom; others will have a feature which exemplifies the originality of the plan. Private garden terraces with balustrade and red quarry tile floors will be graded up to the level of the first apartments from which one may walk directly from the orangerie (sun parlor)...

The library and dining rooms are designed with faithful attention to Elizabethan spirit and detail. Oak paneling, carved stone chimney pieces. and geometric tracery on plastered ceilings. with leaded art glass windows and rich mahogany and English oak make these rooms the counterpart of the living rooms of the English manor. In size they will be splendid, 20 x 30 feet being the average for the library.

The Gables was featured in a 1920s promotional brochure. "Apartments of the Better Class" by real estate brokers Partridge and Bradley.