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These photos were donated to the Society by Katherine Tres.

RPWRHS photo T002-30488 shows workers at the National Brick Company in 1900.

RPWRHS photo T002-40125 shows Peter Tres, a shoemaker and repairer of boots, with his sons in 1896. His shop was located at 4843 Clark Street (later 7048 N. Clark Street).(children are Anthony, Nicholas, and Peter)

RPWRHS photo T002-40127 shows the Peter Tres Band in a hall on Clark Street near Lunt Avenue, February 20, 1929.

RPWRHS photo T002-40128 is the wedding picture of Marie Mergen and Hubert Losch in 1893. No location given.

RPWRHS photo T002-40130 shows an unidentified store - Anna J. Lasch (left) working, an unidentified store clerk (right). No date given. No address given.

RPWRHS photo T002-40131 shows workers at the National Brick Company, Touhy Avenue and Kedzie Avenue. 1910.