Kozin, Sue

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Sue Kozin and Brian were the Fourth Owners of the No Exit Café, 6970 N. Glenwood Avenue.

Sue Kozin wrote a historical prospective of the No Exit Café, 6970 N. Glenwood Avenue.

No Exit opened at Lunt Avenue and Glenwood Avenue on December 7th, 1967. It didn't take long for a whole lot of new regulars to join the old one's. Sue Kozin was one of them. "I moved up from the far south side town of Harvey because I was told of this great coffeehouse opening up" said Sue. "It took me a couple of months of peering in the door before I walked in." By spring I was waiting tables Thursday nights and Steve Goodman was the entertainment. 1968 was a year of politics and demonstrations. The '68 Democratic convention and the protest riots against the Vietnam War became a hot topic around the regulars table. No Exit was a polling place and Rogers Park was then part of the regular Democratic machine. The room became even more enriched with tie-dyed Hippies interspersed with the business types. Everyone seemed to coexist. No Exit settled into music, chess, and car racing.