St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake

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St. Paul's Church by-the-Lake.

St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake, 7170 N. Ashland Avenue. Soundex Code C620

St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake was included in the 1989 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.

St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake donated the S095 series of photos to the Society.

The original St. Paul's Episcopal Church By-the-Lake was built in 1886 on Lunt Avenue near Paulina Street. The cornerstone was laid on July 10, 1886. It was torn down in the 1920s and rebuilt at 7170 N. Ashland Avenue. The first service in the new building was March 28, 1926.

Prior to 1882, when Rogers Park was a small village, all Christians joined together for worship at the Methodist Meeting House. Early in the Spring of 1882, however, finding that they outnumbered all other religious groups in the village, the Episcopalians decided to establish a church of their own.

The first service of this new Episcopalian congregation was held in the basement of the Methodist Meeting House, by the Right Reverend William E. McLaren, Bishop of the Diocese, assisted by the Reverend Alfred Louderback. A second service was held on April 30, 1882, in the same place, by Reverend Louderback, officiating. Five persons were baptized.

In the meantime, a petition was drawn up and signed for presentation to to Bishop McLaren, requesting permission to organize the Mission of St. Paul's Church, Rogers Park. Permission given, Bishop McLaren appointed the Reverend Alfred Louderback Priest in Charge. Services were held every other Sunday at the Methodist Meeting House for $2.00 rent each time.

The cornerstone for the new church, Lunt Avenue near Paulina Street was laid on Saturday, July 10, 1886 by Bishop McLaren, the land being donated by Charles H. Morse, and his services by architect Charles Richard Adams. About this time, the Reverend C.E. Brandt was appointed the first resident priest. In December 1898, a committee was appointed to see to the Mission's attaining Parish status, which was finally achieved in 1903, permission being given by the Right Reverend Charles P. Anderson, Coadjutor Bishop of Chicago.

The present rectory was acquired in 1910, and is one of the oldest houses in Rogers Park. An offer for the Lunt Avenue property was accepted, the Parish consolidating its holdings at Ashland Avenue and Estes Avenue, where the Parish House was completed in 1915, and the church in 1926. The debt on the buildings was retired in 1947, under the Reverend Charles T. Hull, and the church was consecrated in December 1947 by the Right Reverend Wallace E. Conkling.

St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake celebrated its Centennial in April 1982 with a Festival Mass at which the Right Reverend James W. Montgomery, son of the Parish, presided and preached, followed by a gala luncheon across Ashland Avenue at the Rogers Park Women's Club. The Reverend Daniel L. Banner served as Rector beginning in 1970.

St. Paul's Church By-the Lake joined the Episcopal Synod of America in the summer of 1989. Also in 1989, the Rogers Park Community Council honored the church for its parkway gardens which have inspired similar gardens nearby.


RPWRHS photo H001-0111 shows the original (1886) St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake on Lunt Avenue east of Clark Street near Paulina Street. It was torn down in the 1920s and rebuilt at 7170 N. Ashland Avenue.

RPWRHS photo S013-0355 shows the Rectory of the St. Paul's Church By-the-Lake, 7170 N. Ashland Avenue. Photo September 1971.