Southport Avenue

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1400 W. from 1952 N. to 4158 N.

In the 1840s, stagecoaches ran regularly between Chicago and Milwaukee. In Chicago, the stages traveled along the street now called Southport. At that time, Milwaukee was referred to by stage teamsters as the north port an Chicago was the "south port."

Southport Avenue was changed to Glenwood Avenue between Argle Street and Kenilworth Avenue (Touhy Avenue) by the City Council Monday, April 14, 1913. This ordinance had a long list of street name standardizations. It is not clear why Southport (1400 West) was changed to Glenwood (also 1400 West.)

However by 1913, South Port, Wisc. had been absorbed into Kenosha. In the southern part of the city, 1400 West is Loomis Street.


2000 Block

2061 N. Southport Avenue

4100 Block

4107 N. Southport Avenue, Thomas James Douglass, 1905.

6700 Block

6724 N. Southport Avenue, Clarles Benjamin Obermeyer, 1911.