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Soundex Code C220


Archdiocese of Chicago

Chicago & Big Muddy Coal & Coke Company

Chicago & Evanston Electric Railroad Company

Chicago & Evanston Electric Railway Company

Chicago & Evanston Electric Street Railway

Chicago & Evanston Railroad

Chicago & Lake Superior Railroad Company

Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company

Chicago & West Ridge Railroad

Chicago & West Towns Railway Company

Chicago & West Towns Railways, Incorporated

Chicago and Atlantic Railroad

Chicago and Atlantic Railway

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway

Chicago, Evanston & Southern Railroad Company

Chicago, Evanston & Lake Superior Railroad

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

Chicago 2 Foursquare Church

Chicago Academy of Medicine

Chicago Academy of Sciences

Chicago Academy of Surgery

Chicago Advertising Association

Chicago Advertising Club

Chicago Advertising Federation

Chicago Agency

Chicago Architectural Club

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago Architectural Photographing Company

Chicago Arena

Chicago Arena, Broadway

Chicago Arena, McClurg

Chicago Art Commission

Chicago Association of Realtors

Chicago Athletic Club

Chicago Auditorium

Chicago Automobile Association

Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Chicago Avenue

Chicago Avenue, Evanston

Chicago Band Association

Chicago Bar Association

Chicago Bears

Chicago Beautiful Committee Award

Chicago Better Business Bureau

Chicago Blue Book

Chicago Board of Education

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bungalow

Chicago Bureau of Charities

City of Chicago Bureau of Forestry

Chicago Business Law School

Chicago Carnival Company

Chicago Center for Torah

Chicago Chamber of Commerce

Chicago Chemical Carpet Cleaning Company

Chicago Chronicle

Chicago Citizen's Fire Insurance Patrol

City Clerk of Chicago

Chicago City Council

The Chicago City Council Committee on Special Events & Cultural Affairs

Chicago City Directories

Chicago City Directory

Chicago City Missionary Society

Chicago City Troop

Chicago Club

Chicago Coal Shippers' Association

Chicago College of Dental Surgery

Chicago College of Law

Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery

Chicago College of Pharmacy

Chicago Commerce Association

Chicago Commissioner of Buildings

Chicago Common Brick

Chicago Community Humane Center

Chicago Community Kollel

Chicago Community Ministry

Chicago Congregational Club

Chicago Consolidated Traction Company

Chicago Cottage

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Curled Hair Company

Chicago Daily Times

Chicago Democrat

Chicago Democratic Central Committees

Chicago Department of Planning and Development

Department of Streets and Sanitation

Chicago Department of Transportation a.k.a. CDOT

Chicago Edison Company

Chicago Elevated Railways Collateral Trust

Chicago Elevator Company

Chicago Engineers' Club

Chicago Ethical Humanist Society

Chicago Evening Journal

Chicago Examiner

Chicago Federal Building

Chicago Federated Advertising Club

Chicago Finance Company

Chicago Fire Department

Ambulance 56

Chicago Fire Underwriters' Association

Chicago Flag

Chicago Fresh Air Hospital

Chicago Growers Association

Chicago Gun Club

Chicago harbor

Chicago Herald-American

Chicago Herald-Examiner

Chicago Heights, Illinois

Chicago Hilton Hotel and Towers

Chicago Historic Resources Survey

Chicago Historical Society

Chicago Historical Society Archives

Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Society

Chicago Home Missionary and Church Extension Society

Chicago Horse & Dummy Railway Company

Chicago Horticultural Society

Chicago House Styles

Chicago Human Potential

Chicago Hussars

Chicago Hussars and Light Artillery Battery

Chicago Jewelers' League

Chicago Lakeside Hospital

Chicago Landmark

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Chicago Landscape Company

Chicago Last & Die Company

Chicago Law Institute

Chicago Law School

Chicago Life Underwriters' Association

Chicago Light Artillery

Chicago Literary Club

Chicago Live Poultry Meat & Grocery

Chicago Manual Training School

Chicago Maritime Museum

Chicago Mathematics and Science Academy Charter School

Chicago Mayors

Chicago Medical Association

Chicago Medical College

Chicago Medical Reporter

Chicago Medical Review

Chicago Medical Society

Chicago Mercantile Company

Chicago Metro History Education Center

Chicago Metro History Fair

Chicago Metropolitan Home Builder's Association

Chicago Mikvah Associate

Chicago Mikvah Association

Chicago Morning News

Chicago Motor Bus Company

Chicago Motor Coach Company

Chicago National Bank

Chicago Neurological Society

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad

Chicago North Shore Street Railway Company

Chicago Omnibus Line

Chicago Opera House Building

Chicago Paper Company

Chicago Park District

Chicago Park District Police

Chicago Passenger Railway Company

Chicago Pathological Society

Chicago Pharmaceutical Company

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company

Chicago Police Department

Chicago Police Department History

Chicago Polyclinic

Chicago Portage

Chicago Post-Graduate School

Chicago Press Club

Chicago Principals' Club

Chicago Public Library

Chicago Public Library Board

Chicago Public Works

Chicago Rabbinical Council

Chicago Railways

Chicago Railways Company

Chicago Rapid Transit

Chicago Real Estate Board

Chicago Record

Chicago Record-Herald

Chicago Relief and Aid Society

Chicago Rock Oil Co.

Chicago school

Chicago Short Line Railway

Chicago Special Park Commission

Chicago Stamping Company

Chicago Stock Exchange

Chicago Sun

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Surface Lines

Chicago Surgical Society

Chicago Telephone Company

Chicago Temple Building

Chicago Theater

Chicago Title & Trust Building

Chicago Title and Trust Center

Chicago Title and Trust Company

Chicago Title & Trust Company

Chicago Today

Chicago Town & Tennis Club

Chicago Town and Tennis Club

Chicago Traffic Club

Chicago Traction

Chicago Transit Authority

City Troop

Chicago Tunnel Company

Chicago Typothetae

Chicago Typothetse

Chicago Underwriters' Association

Chicago Underwriters Board

Chicago Union Hospital

Chicago Union Traction Company

Chicago Urban League

Chicago Water Management

Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Weekly Democrat

Chicago West Division Railway Company

Chicago White Lake Yacht Club

Chicago Wholesale Saddlery & Manufacturing Company

The Chicago World's Fair

Chicago Yacht Club

Chicago-Detroit Trail

Chicago-Kent College of Law

Chicago-Kent Law School

Chicago's Charter Jubilee

Chicago’s Far North Side

Chicago's street naming system

Great Chicago Fire


Joan Cusack


Cusick, Peggy

Cusick, Ralph

Cusick House