Stanton, Samuel Cecil

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Samuel Cecil Stanton, physician, editor.

Born: Newtonville, Massachusetts, Saturday, June 28, 1856.

Son of: Samuel Stanton and Ann Louise Stanton, nee: Ann Louise Blodgett.

Education: preparatory education, London, England School; Bachelor of Science University of Illinois, 1879; Doctor of Medicine Northwestern University Medical School, 1892.

Married: Harriet Louise Stanton, nee: Harriet Louise Cornwell, of New York on Thursday, February 12, 1885.

Children: George Cornwell Stanton, died Sunday, October 18, 1896; Dorothy Stanton, died Saturday, December 8, 1894; John Bloomfeld Stanton.

Assistant Editor, Chicago Medical Review, 1880-2.

Commission Merchant and railway and steamship agent, 1882-7.

Traveling Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minnesota and Manitoba Railway, 1887-8.

In practice of medicine at Chicago since 1892.

Assistant Editor, Chicago Medical Reporter, 1893-4.

Editor, Medical Standard, 1895-8.

Assistant Editor, Journal of American Medical Association, since 1899.

Acting Assistant Surgeon U.S. Army and Attending Surgeon, Headquarters, Department of the Lakes, 1898-9, and 1904-8.

Second Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 1897-1902.

First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Medical Reserve Corps., since 1908.

Captain, Assistant Surgeon, 1902-5, 1st Illinois Infantry.

Major, Surgeon, Illinois National Guard since 1907.

Secretary to the Illinois National Guard, Surgeon-General.

Contributor to Medical Journals

Member: Association of Military Surgeons of U.S., American Medical Association, Mississippi Valley Medical Association, Illinois State Medical Society; Chicago Medical Association; Samuel Cecil Stanton

Club: Physicians' Club

Office: 1604, Masonic Temple

Residence: 640 W. Sheridan Road, 1911.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1911, page 639.