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A Robert Hall Men's Clothing Store opened in West Ridge at 2935 W. Devon Avenue. The store promised that, "Robert Hall does not spend money on expensive fronts, fancy fixtures, and high-rent locations, all of which add to selling costs."

Robert Hall Clothes, Inc., popularly known simply as Robert Hall, was an American retailer that flourished circa 1938-1977. Although based in Connecticut, its warehouse-like stores were mostly concentrated in the New York City and Los Angeles basins. According to a Time magazine story of 1949, the corporate name was a complete invention; the actual founder and head was a garment merchant by the name of Jacob Schwab, who "plucked the name out of the air."

In July 1977, Robert Hall's parent company, United Merchants and Manufacturers (UMM), filed for bankruptcy citing losses from the Robert Hall chain. All Robert Hall stores were closed and inventory was auctioned off. The Robert Hall business was purchased out of the UMM bankruptcy by Steven Watstein who managed to do it with its own assets then liquidated it.