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Soundex Code P463

The Pollard family was the first family of color to live in Rogers Park.

The Pollard family consisted of:

John William Pollard (1846-1932)

Catherine Amanda Pollard

Artissmisia Pollard

Luther J. Pollard

Willie Naomi Pollard

Leslie Pollard

Ruth Pollard

Hughes Pollard

Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard

Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard, Jr.Soundex Code P463


RPWRHS photo S013-0367 shows the Pollard house at 1928 W. Lunt Avenue. Photo date is September 1991.

RPWRHS photo S013-2121, Pollard Family Headstone, John William Pollard, Leslie Pollard, Ruth Pollard, Amanda A., Hughes Pollard, Frank. Saturday, July 1, 1989.

RPWRHS photo S013-2297, John William Pollard House, 1991 House Tour, 1928 W. Lunt Avenue, 1991.