Plaza on the Lake

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Plaza on the Lake Hotel

7301 N. Sheridan Road

This hotel was featured in the 1988 Annual Fall House Tour and the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.

Plaza on the Lake formerly the Sheridan Beach Hotel, 7301 N. Sheridan Road is owned by Charlotte Kohn and her two sisters Rita Slatus and Leah Stern since 1986. The renovation cost $5.5 million.

Plaza on the Lake, 7301 N. Sheridan Road, formerly the Sheridan Beach Hotel, was renovated and is now a luxurious retirement residence for active senior citizens. This distinguished hotel has been restored to its former elegance; has been fitted with new furnishings, plumbing, and electricity.

It was built in 1922 by architect Paul T. Haagen, for the Sheridan Beach Corporation, as a residential hotel which was very much in vogue at that time. The hotel catered to the elite of the North Shore and was the scene of many elegant soirees.

The exterior was built in the Georgian Revival style. Notice the detail at the top and bottom of the edifice. The top Ballustrade above the cornice line is out of cut stone and the concrete balcony-like projections near the top of the building, as well as the terracotta detail at the base of the building, are all indicative of this style. Also, the wrought-iron grillwork around the front windows and the entrance way are of Georgian design.

The interior of the hotel, originally done in the Neoclassical Revival style, as seen in the magnificent garden room, has been refurbished with a new skylight. The original marble floors have been acid-washed and the original lead-glass windows have been retained. The lobby and its high ceiling, arches, scroll-work beams, and natural fireplace have all been restored in the original Neoclassic design.

The Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Barber, and Beauty Shops are, once again, open to the public.