Hedrich, Otto Herman

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Otto Herman Hedrich, Coal Dealers Soundex Code H362

born in: Chicago, on Friday, August 27, 1869;

son of: L.F.A. Hedrich and Augusta Hedrich, nee: Augusta Neunuebel

education: grammar schools and business college;

married: Ida Hedrich, nee: Ida Hoffman, of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1898;

children: Otto H. Hedrich, Jr., Roland L. Hedrich, Carl A. Hedrich, Margaret E. Hedrich.

Began in coal business with Robert Law, 1885-92;

with Brazil Block Coal Company, 1892-1901;

vice president and secretary Brazil Coal Company, 1901-3;

since May, 1903, firm of Otto H. Hedrich & Company,


Club: Apollo Club

Office: 1640 Monadnock Building.

Home: 2134 W. Lunt Avenue, 1917, 1919.

Source" Book of Chicagoans, 1917; Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 35.