Oriental Consistory, S.P. R.S.

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The Oriental Consistory, S.P. R.S. was a part of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. To be a member, you had to be a Mason of at least 32nd degree or higher.

S.P. R.S. means Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret.

The full name was the Occidental Sovereign Consistory

Details are included in the following book:

1893 Oriental Consistory, S.P. R.S., 32 degree and Co-Ordinate Bodies

It can be downloaded at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/66951197/History-of-Oriental-Consistory-S-P-R-S-in-Chicago-1856-to-1893-G-W-Barnard


Past Commander-in-Chief

Robert Massie Johnson, 1911, 1917.

Members and Lodges

Apollo Commandery, No. 1

William Emmett Buehler, 1911.

Unspecified Lodge

Harvey E. Keeler