Northside Catholic Academy

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Northside Catholic Academy has three campuses which are located in the Edgewater neighborhood. According to the Archdiocese of Chicago, "NCA is the Official Catholic School of Andersonville, Edgewater, and Rogers Park".

Includes St. Gertrude School, St. Margaret Mary School St. Timothy School. Check for details at St. Margaret Mary School.

The three campuses are:

Northside Catholic Academy, Primary Campus (Preschool - 5th grade) 6216 N. Glenwood Avenue 773-743-6277 (old St. Gertrude School)

Northside Catholic Academy, Middle School Campus (6th grade - 8th grade) 5525 N. Magnolia Avenue 773-271-2008 ( St. Timothy School)

Northside Catholic Academy,St. Margaret Mary School (6-8th graders) 7318 N. Oakley Avenue, just announced, Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

Listed in: Rogers Park 2016, ad: page 38; listing page 31.