North Shore School

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North Shore School Soundex Code S420

Original address was: 7625 N. Sheridan Road

Moved to 1217 W. Chase Avenue in 1942.

Chicago, IL 60626

The North Shore School was opened by the Dix family (including Peter Dix and wife Dorothy Dix) in September 1938, in Rogers Park with an initial enrollment of 22 students. It was a private K-8 school located in a mansion on the 7700 block of North Sheridan Road. Mr. Dix was from Tennessee while Mrs. Dix had lived in Kentucky. Both had backgrounds in fine arts, drama and music, as well as school administration and teaching.

The present building is the former Birchwood Country Club (which closed during the Depression.

Attorney Charles Peter Abbey, owned the house circa 1910-1917.

It was purchased and renovated in 1943 by the Dix family.

North Shore School donated the N016 series of photos to the Society.

This school was in the 2000 Annual Fall House Tour.


RPWRHS photo N016-0104 shows North Shore School, 1217 W. Chase Avenue, Graduating Class, 1990.

RPWRHS photo N016-0105 shows North Shore School, 1217 W. Chase Avenue, Harold Lee Washington with Rod R. Blagojevich and school children, Date given is 1990 but Washington died in 1987. So correct date is not known.