Jeffers, Martin Emmett

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Martin Emmett Jeffers Soundex Code J162

Martin Emmett Jeffers (Wednesday, October 25, 1865-Friday, June 24, 1966) bought 2236 W. Estes Avenue from Ellen Urich.

Martin was married to Nora (1873-Friday, December 21, 1956)

Martin Emmett Jeffers had a son also named Martin Emmet Jeffers who went by his middle name, Emmett and a son named Thomas.

Martin Emmett Jeffers had a daughter, Helen Jeffers

Martin Emmett Jeffers had a grandson, Frank Jeffers.

Martin Emmett Jeffers died Friday, June 24, 1966. Mass was at St. Margaret Mary Church.

Martin led a very full and interesting life. Before emigrating to the U.S., he was a Lighthouse keeper in Westport, Ireland. Martin was the Clark Street Bridge tender in June 1915 when the steamer S.S. Eastland sank in the Chicago River and 812 lives were lost. He personally saved 20 people, and for his bravery, was accorded a Coroner's Star award by the City of Chicago. The acting mayor, at the time was William R. Moorehouse Martin's exploits are recounted in the Eastland Disaster display at the Chicago Maritime Museum, 1200 W. 35th Street, Ste. 0E-5010.