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Getting started

This is how to use the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society’s HistoryWiki.

You will be able to fully search this database of historical information by word or collection of words (e.g., “Touhy,” or “Philip McGregor Rogers,” etc.). Also, you may search a person's name by last name first or by first name first (Rogers, Philip MacGregor) or (Philip MacGregor Rogers). We want to make it easy for you to find whatever you're looking for. Only SysOps are allowed to make changes, or to fix existing information.

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Searching: You must spell out the entire word. "Avenue" not "Ave." Use punctuation correctly. Look for the full name "Welcome Inn Pizzeria" not "Welcome Inn". "Philip McGregor Rogers" not "Philip Rogers." If you're not sure, go to collective listings, such as "Restaurant", "Drug Store" or "Pharmacy", etc. The search engine Wikipedia uses is very literal and won't give good results if you don't do these things. Also, the search engine is case sensitive, that means if it was supposed to be capitalized, capitalize your search term; "Philip" not "philip". All Wikipedia-style file names are always capitalized.

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For your first search please try "INDEX".

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