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These photos were donated to the Society by Al Muno.

RPWRHS photo M013-0101 shows Alois John Muno, circa 1900. Location not given.

RPWRHS photo M013-23475 shows John Muno and Gertrude Payne. No date given. No location given.

RPWRHS photo M013-23477 shows the Muno family residence at 2512 W. Touhy Avenue. No date given.

RPWRHS photo M013-54721 shows Carl Muno and Elizabeth Muno and six members of the Muno family in 1895 at 2513 W. Touhy Avenue, (was 2438 W. Kenilworth Avenue).

RPWRHS photo M013-B89342 shows St. Henry's School, 6325 N. Hoyne Avenue, Al Muno in window, 1911.

RPWRHS photo M013-B89344 shows the Carl Muno residence at 2438 W. Kenilworth Avenue (now 2513 W. Touhy Avenue). No date given.