Lincoln Avenue

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This is a diagonal street from 3200 W. at 6033 N., running southeasterly to 2644 W. at 5600 N.

A.K.A. Little Fort Trail

It was named for Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) the 16th President of the United States. (term: 1861-1865—Republican).

West Ridge Addresses

5600 Block

5627 N. Lincoln Avenue, Dollar General

5630 N. Lincoln Avenue Budlong Woods Branch Library, 2014.

5700 Block

5700 N. Lincoln Avenue, St. Hillary Church, 1926 (portable church)

5800 Block

5835 N. Lincoln Avenue, is Stephen Tyng Mather High School Chicago, IL 60659.

5850 N. Lincoln Avenue, Patrick O'Connor, Alderman, 40th Ward, 2016.

5900 Block

5911 N. Lincoln Avenue, Children's World Daycare Center

Addresses South of West Ridge

3200 Block

3228 N. Lincoln Avenue, Citizens State Bank of Lake View

4400 Block

4455 N. Lincoln Avenue, Sulzer Regional Library