Kenmore Avenue

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1038 W. from 1838 N. to 6358 N.

Kenmore was the elegant colonial home in Fredericksburg, Virginia owned by Colonel Fielding Lewis (1725-1782). Lewis' wife, Betty Washington Lewis, was the sister of George Washington.

Kenmore Avenue is NOT in Rogers Park. It is in Edgewater.


4600 Block

4608 N. Kenmore Avenue, Walter Maurice, Furs, 1919.

5200 Block

5252 N. Kenmore Avenue, George Hartley MacAdam, 1917.

5900 Block

5901 N. Kenmore Avenue, Mayor William Emmett Dever, 1929.

6400 Block

6453 N. Kenmore Avenue, Madonna della Strada Chapel, Loyola University.

6500 Block

6501 N. Kenmore Avenue is the Richard J. Klarchek Information