Cummins, Joseph

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Joseph Cummins Soundex Code C552

Joseph Cummins, lawyer.

born in: Superior Township, Williams County, Ohio, on Saturday, September 13, 1862;

son of: Joseph Cummins2 and Mary Jane Cummins, nee: Mary Jane Van Fossen

education: attended country school near Montpelier, Ohio, until 12 years old (1874);

private school at Pioneer, Ohio, 1 term;

public school of Montpelier, Ohio until 17 (1879);

graduated from Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan 1885, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.);

After graduation from Hillsdale College, 1885, traveled for educational dept. of Harper & Bros., New York City, and for Ginn & Co., Boston, and then farmed for 2 years in Ohio before entering law school,

1 year in Columbia Law School and Columbia School of Political Economy, Columbia University, 1889-1990;

married: Hattie Carr-Flemming Cummins, nee: Hattie Carr-Flemming, in Chicago, on Tuesday, June 9, 1896.

entered law office of McCleland & Cummins as student in fall of 1890; Joseph Cummins

Admitted to Illinois Bar, 1891.

and since then continuously engaged in practice of law in Chicago;

was special council for Committee of Ways and Means of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1892-3,

and attorney for the Exposition Corporation, 1893;

now secretary, treasurer, and counsel for Rio Colorado Land and Irrigation;

treasurer and counsel for Acayucan Planters' Company, Mexican Mutual Planters Company, and Algoonton Land Company, etc.


Trustee of Hillsdale College.

Clubs: City Club, Delta Tau Delta (college fraternity).

Office: 160 Washington Street

Residence: 930 W. Lunt Avenue Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905.