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John Calder Ure (1832-1905) was born in Scotland, and his wife Margaret Ure (1837-1889) nee Margaret Keyes was born in Ireland died in Rogers Park.

John Calder Ure began to farm in the Rogers Park area in the mid-19th century. He moved to 17 acres at present day southeast corner of Howard Street and Clark Street in 1852. He and his family, his two sons' families and other relatives lived there on a smaller portion of the property until about 1960.

After his divorce in 1871, just two months before the Chicago Fire, John Calder Ure moved down near present day 2700 N. Broadway (then called Evanston Avenue) and continued his work on the re-development of Lincoln Park. He had previously served as the first head of the newly formed Chicago Park District and had helped design and manage the relocation of two Civil War era cemeteries that led to the formation of present Lincoln Park. He was also involved in the layout and maintenance of Rosehill Cemetery.

John's son, John Francis Ure, operated a dairy business on this site and helped convince the Rogers Park neighborhood to be incorporated in to the City of Chicago prior to his death in a car accident in 1927. The Rogers park neighborhood wanted to have the benefit of police and fire protection that incorporating in to the City would provide. As a part of that deal, John gave the land east of Clark Street that is now Howard Street to the City of Chicago that they wanted for east/west access to Lake Michigan and in gratitude, the City of Chicago offered John the chance to name the street. He agreed and named the street after his son, Howard Ure.

John Calder Ure did not die until 1905, so he could have been involved in the Chicago transaction (above), but he gave his property at Howard and Clark to his wife, Margaret, at their divorce in 1871, and she gave it to her two sons when she died in 1889.

The Ures also developed part of their property along Howard Street in to the Norshore Theater and the Ship Restaurant, which were very popular destinations.

John Calder Ure was the great-grandfather of the mother of auto dealer Joe Bredemann.