Cardwell, James Robert

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James Robert Cardwell Soundex Code C634

James Robert Cardwell, President of Union Draft Gear Company;

born in: Concord, Virginia, on Monday, October 27, 1873;

son of: Charles Wesley Cardwell and Dolly Ming Cardwell; nee: Dolly Ming Franklin

education: graduate of manual training sen. of Washington University in St. Louis, 1893;

married: Zonella Cardwell, nee: Zonella Durbin, daughter of W.L. Durbin, of Chicago, on Monday, March 14, 1904;

children: Dorothy Cardwell, Virginia Cardwell.

With American Cotton Oil Company, In various capacities, 1893-1905;

organized, April 1905, and since president of Union Draft Gear Company;

also president of Cardwell Manufacturing Company.

Has invented a number of devices now in use, including the friction draft gear.

Guarantor: Northwestern University.


Clubs: Union League Club, City Club, Western Railway Club, Edgewater Golf Club.

Recreations: outdoor sports.

Office: 332 S. Michigan Avenue.

Home: 2100 W. Pratt Avenue, West Ridge

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917, Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 14.