Illinois State Department of Grain Inspection

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Illinois State Department of Grain Inspection Soundex Code I452

Illinois State Department of Grain Inspection now Illinois Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Products Inspection

Agriculture Products Inspection

The Agricultural Products Inspection area of the Department is responsible for the following tasks:

Test commercial feed, seed and fertilizer products to ensure they meet advertised quality and quantity specifications.

Examine seed samples for purity, noxious weed content, germination and suitability for distribution.

Analyze seed quality for individual producers for a small fee.

Evaluate the nutritional content of livestock feed.

Certify products for export meet state and federal quality standards.

Conduct "Good Manufacturing Processes" inspections at feed manufacturing facilities.

Inspect NH3 pressure vessels, facilities and systems for safety.

Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Welder List

Review labels of feed, fertilizer, seed and soil conditioners for accuracy and truthful labeling.

Promote fertilizer research through the Fertilizer Research and Education Council.

Register Products and facilities.