Illinois Reserve Militia

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The Illinois Reserve Militia was created out of the Illinois Volunteer Training Corps. Both were an outgrowth of the stress of war time. Following the authorization by the 50th General Assembly of the State Council of Defense, and the appointment of the members of that body by Governor Frank Orren Lowden, the Military Committee of the Council conceived and created the military structure later designated the Illinois Volunteer Training Corps. and the Illinois Reserve Militia. It was realized that as soon as the then existing Illinois National Guard organizations were called into Federal Service, Illinois would be without armed representation of force. There would be none to quell disorder and preserve the public peace within the boundaries of the State.

The Illinois Reserve Militia was created to take the place of the former Illinois National Guard; to be in readiness, as the military arm of the State to respond to duty of whatever sort or character it might be called upon to perform within the confines of the State. With all men of military age requisitioned for the service of their country, the filling of the Illinois Reserve Militia meant sacrifices on the part of business, professional, and laboring men of mature years. The overwhelming response to the call for enlistments in this service was a flattering commentary on the patriotism and public-spiritedness of the Illinois population