Gross, Howard H.

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Howard H. Gross Soundex Code G620

Howard H. Gross, railway supplies;

born in: Marathon, New York, on Tuesday, September 27, 1853;

son of: Dr. John C. Gross and Caroline Hyde Gross, nee: Caroline Hyde Care.

education: Galva, Illinois High School, followed by 2 years as law student;

married: Dell S. Gross, nee: Dell S. Condit in Chicago, on Thursday, April 11, 1878,

children: Wilbur Condit Gross, Howard H. Gross, Jr., Florence Melbourne Gross, Helen Maurine Gross.

Traveled for A.H. Andrews & Company, 1873-83; Howard H. Gross

representative of eastern manufacturers, at San Francisco, California, 1883;

constructed 29 cycloramas, from London, England, to Melbourne, Australia, 1885-93;

dealer in paving materials, 1895-1905;

head of firm of H.H. Gross & Son, manufacturers of wall safes and dealers in railway supplies since 1905.


Member of the Chicago Board of Education, 1895-9;

an organizer of the Farmers' Good Roads League, 1906; National Soil Fertility League, 1911; Tariff Commission League, 1915; Universal Military Training League, 1916.

Appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt as delegate from U.S. to the First International Congress of Good Roads, held at Paris, France, on Thursday, October 1, 1908. Howard H. Gross


Clubs: Union League Club, Chicago Athletic Club, Chicago Advertising Club.

Recreation: literary work.

Office: 38 S. Dearborn Street

Home: 1125 W. Farwell Avenue, Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917.