Hering Medical College

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1892 - 1915

In 1892, Dr Henry C. Allen founded the Hering Medical College and Hospital, of which he was Dean and Professor of Materia Medica until his death, in January 1909. Of note, Kent taught at Hering College. Regarding its founding Dr. Day stated:

"In response to what we believed was a long felt want, a number of Hahnemannian physicians decided to organize and conduct a college, which should be homoeopathic in fact as well as in name.

"We had a number of meetings, selected a board of trustees, and organized a legal corporation. We gathered together from Chicago and from more distant parts, an efficient corps of teachers, and printed and distributed our announcements.

"We met with surprising success. Seventy students assembled in our halls to learn the truths of Homoeopathy. We had secured a fairly desirable building, and our opening was in every way a successful one.

"Our course began in September and ended in April. We graduated ten students who had attended two full courses of lectures at other colleges, and we congratulate ourselves that our work is well done.

"Much hostility was encountered in the medical journals of our school, and from other homoeopathic institutions, which was an evidence that our work was at least different from the ordinary teaching, given at colleges nominally homoeopathic.

"We are teaching Homoeopathy in its best sense; in our clinics there are no palliatives used, no drugging, no local applications, but the effort is conscientiously made to cure with the single remedy, potentized."


Chair of Obstetrics

William Emmett Buehler, 1907-8.


Post-Graduate Students

William Emmett Buehler, May 1906.