Heinemann Bakery

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First opened in 1929 as a small retail bakery on the north side of Chicago, Heinemann's gained a strong reputation for quality fresh baked goods made from the finest ingredients with no preservatives.

By 1935, the company had grown to three stores and was sold by the Heinemann family to Anton Dorner and Charles Meyering. Over the next seven years, this successful business team added nine more stores to satisfy Chicago's growing appetite for Heinemann's products.

When Mr. Meyering died in 1942, Mr. Dorner assumed the helm of the chain with the assistance of his two sons, Ernest and Herbert. In order to keep pace with increasing demand, Heinemann's expanded to a new plant located at 1902 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue.

In 1959, the first self-service bakery department was installed in a Dominick's supermarket. It marked the beginning of a Chicago business alliance that lasts to the present day.