Hartnett, James

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James Hartnett Soundex Code H635

James Hartnett, lawyer;

born in: Galena, Illinois, on Thursday, January 23, 1862;

son of: Daniel Hartnett and Catharine Hartnett, nee: Catharine Donahoe

education: public schools and at the State Normal School in Indiana:

became a teacher in public schools in 1881,

from September 1889, to June, 1891, was superintendent of schools of Henry, Illinois

studied law in leisure hours while engaged in teaching, and during vacations, in office of Honorable Fred S. Potter.

admitted to Illinois bar at Chicago, on Tuesday, June 14, 1892.

Began general practice of law in Chicago in 1892,

Admitted to practice in Supreme Court of U.S.;

has taken a leading part in trial of noted causes, civil and criminal, both state and federal;

was associated with Judge Russell Merritt Wing and attorney Daniel Donahoe in trial of "The People vs. Daniel Coughlin."

Since 1894, James Hartnett has been, with Daniel Donahoe in firm of Donahoe & Hartnett;

member of firm of Hartnett & Wing;

Member: faculty, Department of Law, Loyola University

lecturer on Constitutional Law at Loyola University for 5 years.

Member Illinois State Bar Association.

Author of various legal treatises, among them Jeopardy in Government of Men, etc.

Office: 59 Clark Street (1905), 1603 Ashland Block (1911, 1917)

Residence: 1052 W. Chase Avenue (1905), 1344 W. Chase Avenue (1911, 1917), Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905, Book of Chicagoans, 1911 page 308,Book of Chicagoans, 1917.