Deuel, Harry Wasson

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Harry Wasson Deuel Soundex Code D400

Harry Wasson Deuel, manager, E.R. Hawkins & Company, wholesale woolens;

born in: Urbana, Ohio, on Saturday, February 25, 1860;

son of: Jeremiah Deuel and Sallie Deuel, nee: Sallie McDonald

education: public schools;

married: Hattie Deuel, nee: Hattie Shaul, from Urbana, Ohio, on Wednesday, March 12, 1884;

Daughters: Sarah Marguerite Deuel, Dorothy A. Deuel, Christine W. Deuel

Began in wholesale woolen business as a boy in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania house,

in 1883 became a traveling salesman in the same line;

came to Chicago in 1892 as manager for E.R. Hawkins & Company, woolens, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which capacity has ever since continued.

Also president, Federal Shirt & Collar Company



Office: Security Building

Residence: 1133 W. Pratt Avenue, Rogers Park.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905.