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Harry Boyd Hurd, lawyer;

Born in: Livingston County, Missouri on Friday, January 8, 1875;

Parents: Inscoe E. and Harriet Jane Hurd, nee: Andrews

Educated in public schools in Missouri, Muscatine High School, and Chicago College of Law;

Married: Sterling, Illinois, Thursday, December 25, 1902, Margaret Julia Hurd, nee: Margaret Julia Frank;

Children: daughters; Harriet Margaret Hurd, Anna Katherine Hurd.

Admitted to Illinois bar Friday, January 15, 1897; Hurd was associated with Max Pam while he was a member of Moses, Pam & Kennedy Law Offices; when the firm of Pam, Donnelly & Glennon Law Offices was formed, he became a member of that firm, and continued as a member of the firm of Pam, Calhoun & Glennon Law Offices. He has been principally identified with corporation work; actively participating in the formation of many of the large corporations with which firm of Pam, Calhoun & Glennon, and Mr. Pam principally, have been identified, notably: Chicago Title & Trust Company, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, International Nickel Company, International Harvester Company,American Steel Foundries, Kansas City Southern Railway Company, and others. With Max and Hugo Pam, organized Monday, February 1, 1904, firm of Pam & Hurd Law Offices, counsel for a large number of important corporations.



Club: Chicago Athletic Club (life member), Chicago Automobile Club, Mid-Day Club, Birchwood Country Club.

Recreation: Fishing and hunting

Office: The Rookery, 209 S. LaSalle Street (1905, 1911)

Residence: 803 Greenleaf Avenue (1905, 1911), Rogers Park.

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905 , Book of Chicagoans, 1911, page 354.

Harry Boyd Hurd lived at 7214 N. Sheridan Road, circa 1910.

The house of Harry Boyd Hurd, 7214 N. Sheridan Road, was plate 43 in the Book of the North Shore.


RPWRHS photo B060-043 shows residence of Harry Boyd Hurd at 7214 N. Sheridan Road, circa 1910.