De Smet, George William

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George William De Smet Soundex Code D253

George William De Smet, dealer in cement.

Born in London, England on Tuesday, January 28, 1862.

Son of Ernest Herbert De Smet and Blanche De Smet, nee: Blanche Downer.

Education: in School of Providence, Amiens, France; University of Louvain (law school);

Married: Julia De Smet, nee: Julia Corselis, of Chicago, Saturday, December 30, 1893;

Children: Marie Therese De Smet; George W. De Smet; Louis E. De Smet; Madeline Christine De Smet.

Since 1892, a dealer in Portland Cement in Chicago,

representing as sales agent, 1892-6, the North's Portland Cement of Antwerp, Belgium;

since 1879, agent for the Portland Cement Company, New Jersey

Clubs: Chicago Athletic Club, Birchwood Country Club, Builders' Club

Office: 419 Chamber of Commerce Building

Residence: 1447 W. Pratt Avenue

Book of Chicagoans, 1911, pages 184-185.