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George H. Brown Soundex Code B650

History of Cook County, Illinois; The Earliest Period to the Present Time; Complete in One Volume, 1884, page 461.

Biographical Sketches of Rogers Park

George H. Brown, surgical instrument maker, was born in Dayton, Ohio, Wednesday, November 6, 1833. When five years of age, his mother having died, his father moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and there married again. Here he lived until 1842, when he went to Perrysville, Indiana, and engaged in the gun business up to 1854, when he moved to Danville, Illinois, where he now resides.

George H. Brown left his father's home in Perrysville, Indiana and went to Covington, Indiana, where he learned the trade of a tinner. From 1851 to 1854, he worked as a journeyman at various points, and then, with his father, engaged in the tin and stove business at Danville, Illinois, remaining with him up to 1858.

He then went into partnership with James Dean in the same business at Champaign, Illinois, which continued up to 1860, when he returned again with his father to Danville, Illinois. In 1863 George H. Brown enlisted in the United States Secret Service up to the fall of 1864, when he came to Chicago and engaged in the tin and stove business on Madison Street, rear of Franklin, which he carried on up to 1865, when, having sold out he went to Evanston and engaged in the same business until the fall of 1866, again selling out and returning to Danville, Illinois.

In August 1869, George H. Brown moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he remained up to 1875, part of the time in the tin and stove business, and the balance of the time as superintendent of the mechanical department of the National Surgical Institute.

In the summer of 1875 he returned to Chicago and commenced the manufacture of surgical instruments. In 1879 he came to Rogers Park, where he is now engaged in the same business. He is, a trustee and steward or the Methodist Episcopal Church, and also Secretary of the Board of trustees.

He was married to Mary V. Brown, nee: Mary V. Burt, of Champaign, Illinois, Tuesday, May 9, 1860. She died Sunday, April 14, 1867. They had three children: Edwin B. Brown, Ina B. Brown, and Frederick W. Brown.

He married his present wife Jennette Brown, nee: Jennette McDonald, of Lodi, Indiana, Wednesday, September 2, 1868. They have three children: Frank McDonald Brown, Harry R. Brown and Arthur C. Brown. Mrs. Brown's father died when she was seven years old, and her mother moved to Attica, Indiana.

Chicago Blue Book

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Brown were listed in the 1890 Chicago Blue Book, page 617. This issue does not list the address of anyone living in Rogers Park.

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Brown were listed in the 1891 Chicago Blue Book, page 709. This issue did not list Rogers Park residents by address.

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Brown were listed in the 1892 Chicago Blue Book, page 757. This issue does not list the address of anyone living in Rogers Park.