Connery, Francis Daniel

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Francis Daniel Connery Soundex Code C560

Francis Daniel Connery, coal;

born in: Chicago, on Friday, April 12, 1867;

son of: William Martin Connery and Mary E. Connery, nee: Mary E. Tobin

education: St. Stephen's School, (parochial) and St. Patrick's Academy, (commercial), Chicago; district school in Hamilton County, Iowa; public night school, Chicago;

married: Ellen Gertrude Connery, nee: Ellen Gertrude Osborne, of Chicago, on Thursday, November 26, 1891;

children: Ellen Marie Connery, Marie Jeannette Connery, Francis Daniel Connery, Jr., Vivian Connery, Dorothy Connery, John Joseph Connery (deceased before 1917).

Began as clerk for King & Bogle, coal merchants, 1883;

clerk and cashier, Silver Creek & Morris Coal Company, 1884-9;

clerk and assistant secretary, James W. Thatcher Coal Company, Omaha, Nebraska, 1889;

dock superintendent, Silver Creek & Morris Coal Company, West Superior, Wisconsin, 1890-1;

traveling salesman, dock superintendent and purchasing agent, Peabody Coal Company, 1892-1907; Francis Daniel Connery

purchasing agent, Miami Coal Company, 1907-9 and since 1917.

Alderman 28th Ward, Chicago, 1901-3 and 1907-9;

City Clerk of Chicago, Francis Daniel Connery 1909-15;

comptroller Sanitary District of Chicago, 1915-17.



Clubs: Illinois Club, Illinois Athletic Club.

Recreation: baseball.

Office: 1804 McCormick Building

Home: 1128 W. Columbia Avenue, Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1917, Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 18.