First National Bank Building

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First National Bank Building

80 W. Monroe Street


One of the largest buildings in Chicago in the early 20th Century, it occupied half a square block on the north side of Monroe Street.

The western part of this building at the northeast corner of Clark and Monroe was designed by Jarvis Hunt and originally occupied by the Fort Dearborn Bank.

The building was demolished to make way for the new Chase Tower. The site is now used for the modern skyscraper's plaza.

Technical Data

Height: (estimated) 231.31 ft

Length: 192.00 ft

Width: 322.00 ft

Floors (above ground): 17

Floors (below ground): 2

Construction end: 1903

Renovation end: 1970


D.H. Burnham & Company

Jarvis Hunt


705 John Durham Cleveland, 1911.