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Farmers in Rogers Park

Mathias August Breit

Edward Breit

Peter Breit, Sr.

Farmers in West Ridge

Joseph Budlong

Lyman Arnold Budlong

Albert (Bud) Muno

Bill Muno


RPWRHS photo C005-0101 shows unidentified farmers and gardeners in deep snow at California Avenue and Fargo Avenue circa 1900.

RPWRHS photo C005-0103 shows the Wiltgen family at California Avenue and Fargo Avenue circa 1921.

RPWRHS photo C005-73358 shows six unidentified men in deep snow with the Klein family's house in the background on California Avenue near Fargo Avenue on Thursday, January 24, 1918.

RPWRHS photo C005-73359 shows eleven unidentified men in a greenhouse on Touhy Avenue, circa 1911.

RPWRHS photo C005-73366 shows three Muno children, Bill, Albert (Bud), and Sis on a horse on the Muno farm in 1923.

RPWRHS photo C005-73368 shows four unidentified children in a wagon and two parents in front of the wagon. Names given were: "John, Bill and Jean" but none of the six people are identified as to which bears which name. There are still three others who are not identified at all. Circa 1921. Location not known.

RPWRHS photo C005-73387 shows the Welter farm. There are six names: Martha, Mame, Martin (Shorty), Will, George, and Len but eight people in photo. It is not clear which name applies to which person. No date given.

RPWRHS photo C005-73394 shows four unidentified men in the Welter family greenhouse in 1910.