Family, Thinnes

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Thinnes Family lived at 7046 N. Western Avenue in 1899.

The Thinnes Family

The Thinnes Family are representative of the second group of emigrants that established themselves in West Ridge. Nicholas Thinnes born in 1869, and his wife, Anna born in 1867, emigrated from Germany in 1891 and purchased land on (now) Western Avenue north of Lunt Avenue, (7046 N. Western Avenue).

They went immediately into the greenhouse business, employing their entire family, and a couple of hired laborers, in producing vegetable and floral crops year round.

They generated their own power from a (likely) coal-fired steam generation plant attached to the rear of the home.

Nicholas, his wife, and at least one son, Nicholas J., born in 1906, are interred in St. Henry's Cemetery.