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On September 5, 1906, Engine Company 102 was first located in the Rogers Park Village Hall, on the east side of Clark Street and Jackson Avenue, (now Estes Avenue).

In 1912, a 650-gallon per minute rotary pumper built by Webb Motor Company, was purchased and put into service. It was assigned to Engine 102’s quarters located at 7075 N. Clark Street in the Rogers Park Town Hall. This was the beginning of the end for the horse-drawn fire apparatus. Even though there was much trepidation and sabotaging, February 5, 1923 at Ontario and State marked the last fire call for horse-drawn apparatus.

The plans for a new (second) home for Engine Company 102 were published on page 3 in the Chicago Tribune of September 6, 1906:

"Rogers Park will have a new fire engine company, to be known as Engine Company 102, which will give the northern suburb better fire protection. The new company was formed yesterday and will be under the command of Capt. James H. Healy.

Hook and Ladder Company No. 25 was moved out of the Rogers Park Village Hall to a station in Edgewater Later Truck Company 25 moved to share Engine Company 102's firehouse) at Belmont Avenue and Clark Street was organized and Capt. Michael Ehret was in command."

Engine Company 102's second fire house was built in 1915 at 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue. It opened in the fall of 1915. Truck Company 25 returned to Rogers Park at the new firehouse.

The third and latest location for Engine Company 102 is at 7340 N. Clark Street, which was opened on Jan 10, 2009.

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RPWRHS photo A004-3834 shows a fire truck at the firehouse at 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue in 1947. None of the firemen are identified.

RPWRHS photo C043-25621 shows Engine Company 102 miniature garden created by fire fighters. 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue, circa 1945.

RPWRHS photo L009-0309 shows Chicago Fire Department, Engine 102 Fire Station, 1723 N. Greenleaf Avenue, Filming NYLint Toy Commercial, August 9, 1984.

RPWRHS photo R044-0196 shows Engine Company 102 fire house in 1915 (the year it was built).

RPWRHS photo S013-0380 shows Engine Company 102's pond, 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue in September 2009.

RPWRHS photo S013-0381 shows Engine Company 102, 1723 W. Greenleaf Avenue in September 2009.

RPWRHS photo T006-0110 shows Fire Engine Company 102 - The First "Pumper", manufactured by Webb Motor Company. 1912. Photographed in front of the Rogers Park Village Hall.