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Edison Park Community Area 09 Soundex Code C553

Edison Park (formerly Canfield) is one of the 77 Community Areas of Chicago. It consists entirely of the Edison Park neighborhood. It is named after inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Edison gave his blessing to this community namesake in 1890. According to the 2000 Census, its population is 11,259. Edison Park has one of the highest concentrations of Irish ancestry in Chicago, where they make up over one-fourth of the neighborhood's population.

Located between the Des Plaines River and the Chicago River this area served as a local continental divide, with the Chicago River flowing then into Lake Michigan, which connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Great Lakes, and the Des Plaines River feeding into the Illinois River and the Mississippi River to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Edison Park served as one of the portage points for early travelers who would carry their canoes across it to the North Branch of the Chicago River corridor and is conveniently located next to Portage Park, Chicago, more generally recognized for this type of access.

Neighborhoods within Community Area 09 Edison Park:

Edison Park

Norwood Park West