East Rogers Park

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Before the annexation of the Village of Rogers Park by the City of Chicago, Rogers Parkers commonly referred to the area east of Clark Street, west of Lake Michigan, north of Devon Avenue and south of Howard Street ( Germania had not yet been annexed by Chicago from Evanston in 1915), as East Rogers Park. The remainder, the area west of Clark Street and east of Ridge Avenue (now Ridge Boulevard ) was known as West Rogers Park.

Over time, for unknown reasons, the border has shifted west in the collective mind to Ridge Boulevard from Clark Street, so that many now think of East Rogers Park as all of Rogers Park and West Rogers Park as being that area defined by Howard Street on the north, The North Shore Channel on the West, Ridge Boulevard on the east, and the area from the North Shore Channel at Bryn Mawr Avenue east to Western Avenue, north on Western to Peterson Avenue, and Peterson east to the part of Ravenswood Avenue on the west side of the Union Pacific Railroad-Metra North tracks, then north again until it intersects with Ridge Boulevard. This area was once incorporated as the Village of West Ridge.

People cling steadfastly to these incorrect designations.