Damen Avenue

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Damen Avenue Soundex Code D550

2000 W., from 7546 N. to 10058 S. This street is in BOTH, Rogers Park and West Ridge

Formerly known as Robey Street. Listed in 1895 Chicago Blue Book on page 341; 1897 Chicago Blue Book on page 337.

Damen Avenue is not listed in the 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904 Chicago Blue Book.

The City Council passed a lengthy ordinance Monday, January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. No address on Damen Avenue should require conversion while Robey Street addresses probably will.

Damen Avenue was named for Father Arnold Damen (1815-1890), a Jesuit priest and founder of the Holy Family Church (1857), St. Ignatius College Prep, and Loyola University (1870).

Father Damen managed a near miracle during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. He was in New York City the day the great fire struck, and he fell to his knees and prayed. He vowed that, should God spare his parish church from the fire’s flames, a light would be kept burning forever in the church.

His prayers were answered. The fire began within blocks of the church, but the southwest wind turned the flames toward downtown. And seven lights, recently electric bulbs, have burned for more than one hundred years before the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Holy Family Church at Roosevelt Road and May Street.

Given such clout, the Chicago City Council, in 1927, wisely named a street for him.


6400 Block

6453 N. Damen Avenue was 6453 N. Robey Street, J.P. Karels, 1919.

6500 Block

6516 N. Damen Avenue was 6516 N. Robey Street, Nick Clesen, 1919.

6518 N. Damen Avenue

6522 N. Damen Avenue was 6522 N. Robey Street, Mathias Breit, 1919.

6534 N. Damen Avenue was 6534 N. Robey Street, Joseph F. Gast, 1919.

6544 N. Damen Avenue was the home of Peter Breit, Sr. and Helena Breit.

6550 N. Damen Avenue is a 3-story Apartment Building. No date given.

6552 N. Damen Avenue, Dorothy DeChambre

6556 N. Damen Avenue was 6556 N. Robey Street, C.J. Hibbs, 1919.

6558 N. Damen Avenue, was 6558 N. Robey Street, John Blennert, 1919.

6600 Block

6623 N. Damen Avenue, Dominick's Finer Foods & Pharmacy.

6700 Block

6706 N. Damen Avenue was 6706 N. Robey Street, E.W. Ehrlich, 1919.

6710 N. Damen Avenue was 6710 N. Robey Street, F.H. Fortmann, 1919.

6740 N. Damen Avenue was 6740 N. Robey Street, Herman Fortmann, 1919.

7000 Block

7025 N. Damen Avenue was 7025 N. Robey Street, Magnus George Jensen, 1919.

7058 N. Damen Avenue was 7058 N. Robey Street, J. B. Hallett, 1919.

7100 Block

7115 N. Damen Avenue was 7115 N. Robey Street, Axel Carlson, 1919.

7200 Block

7205 N. Damen Avenue was 7205 N. Robey Street, Charles V. Brown, 1919.

7205 N. Damen Avenue was 7205 N. Robey Street, Jennie M. Gunning, 1919.

7205 N. Damen Avenue was 7205 N. Robey Street, Jerome T. Keeney, 1919.

7207 N. Damen Avenue, was 7207 N. Robey Street, Charles F. Bennett, 1919.

7211 N. Damen Avenue, was 7211 N. Robey Street, V.S. Bottenfield, 1919.

7213 N. Damen Avenue, was 7213 N. Robey Street, Harry E. Ackerberg, Jr., 1919.

7213 N. Damen Avenue was 7213 N. Robey Street, H. Ware Caldwell, 1919.

7213 N. Damen Avenue was 7213 N. Robey Street, Chester D. Eldridge, 1919.

7215 N. Damen Avenue was 7215 N. Robey Street, Gustave H. Baumer, 1919.

7215 N. Damen Avenue was 7215 N. Robey Street, Reginald P. Hardy, 1919.

7219 N. Damen Avenue was 7219 N. Robey Street, Charles R. Carlson, 1919.

7219 N. Damen Avenue was 7219 N. Robey Street, Robert E. Hodson, 1919.

7227 N. Damen Avenue, was 7227 N. Robey Street, William K. Algire, 1919.

7227 N. Damen Avenue was 7227 N. Robey Street, J.H. Cavanah, 1919.

7231 N. Damen Avenue was 7231 N. Robey Street, M.C. Johnson, 1919.

7233 N. Damen Avenue was 7233 N. Robey Street, Mrs. A. Merz, 1919.

7300 Block

7306 N. Damen Avenue was 7306 N. Robey Street, C.J. Heisel, 1919.

7316 N. Damen Avenue was 7316 N. Robey Street, Paul Massi, 1919.

7318 N. Damen Avenue was 7318 N. Robey Street, G.W. Cable, 1919.

7400 Block

7403 N. Damen Avenue was 7403 N. Robey Street, Vernon T. Brauns, 1919.

7462 N. Damen Avenue was 7462 N. Robey Street, Charles A. Clark, 1919.

7464 N. Damen Avenue was 7464 N. Robey Street, Elmer Engquist, 1919.

7466 N. Damen Avenue was 7466 N. Robey Street, S. Coolidge, Jr., 1919.

7500 Block

7522 N. Damen Avenue (was 7522 N. Robey Street) was an Apartment Building at in 1928.

South of Rogers Park and/or West Ridge

1700 Block

1752 N. Damen Avenue, 606 Recreational Trail