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The Crawford Department Store was located at 2509 W. Devon Avenue, which alternately called itself "your fashion store" and "your friendly store."

The North Town News often printed "news" items about the store. In the Wednesday, March 7, 1951, edition, Crawford announced that Mrs. Alline Winter had graduated, with the highest grades, from the Gossard School of Corsetry. The store proudly announce, "This brings the number of graduate corsettiers at Crawford's to six." An equally exciting item appeared on Wednesday, April 11, 1951, when it was announced that, The soft strains of Muzak melodies will waft through the local store...Neighbors can shop with the added charm of a musical background."


Alline Winter Crawford Department Store


RPWRHS photo C043-32286 shows the March of Dimes at Crawford Department Store, 2509 W. Devon Avenue on Thursday, January 17, 1946. None of the people in photo are identified.

RPWRHS photo L009-0541 shows the Crawford Department Store, 2509 W. Devon Avenue, in 1990.